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I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I work out of 303 Performance, located in Centennial, Colorado where I provide one-on-one training, small group training, Fitness Competition training as well as customized meal plan programs. I also officer an On-Line program consisting of written workouts, customized meal plans and coaching through the entire process to ensure you are successful in reaching your goals.

I believe that the “journey” to health and fitness can be just as exciting and rewarding as the “destination”. Getting into a healthy mindset is the most important part of this journey, because it has to happen first. Where the mind leads, the body will follow. My goal is to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. I have witnessed miracles through nutrition and exercise. I have also witnessed ailments and breakdowns from non-use of the body.

Whether you are seven or seventy, I want to help you in your quest to not only meet, but exceed your own personal expectations. I will work with you one on one through personal training to provide a systematic and progressive program for you to reshape and redefine the person you see in the mirror. All you need to provide is your willingness, your determination, and your desire to not only see, but feel the difference.

Lynda Marie Skluzak never intended to be a fitness coach, nor could she imagine being in a bikini competition at the age 50. But she has never been a couch potato. She was an aerobics instructor at age 19, but after being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, everything changed.For fifteen years Lynda struggled against the illness, fighting it with everything she had. She read everything she could, suffered through courses of steroids and took the painkillers prescribed to defend against the disease’s attacks on her joints and back. She explored nutritional, spiritual and other alternative therapies.By the time she was 35, the disease had morphed into arthritis that ravaged her entire body. Aside from chronic pain, Lynda had bouts of pericarditis and pleurisy, fluid around the heart and in the lungs, which landed her in the hospital repeatedly. Over the next ten years, Lynda would undergo nine surgeries for osteonecrosis, a painful condition that results from a decrease of blood flow to the bones, a side effect of the medications she was taking.

In the meantime, she weighed 140 pounds at just over 5 feet tall, was on medical disability and some days could barely get out of bed. Until something clicked, according to Lynda it wasn’t a miracle pill, a new experimental drug, a new doctor. It was a life-changing decision to be well.

A self-described difficult patient, Lynda says the key to her healing was to challenge the medical establishment. She confronted her doctors from the moment of diagnosis – questioning their prognosis of a lifetime illness, carrying two children to term despite their warnings against it. Most important, Lynda says she never ‘owned’ the disease and would not let it define her or control her life.

Lynda’s journey to health and wholeness unfolded in ways she didn’t expect. It was a journey to mend mind, body and spirit.

At that point, she hired a personal trainer and started working out again. She changed her diet, stopped taking medication, and even got off disability insurance after almost 10 years. She lost more than 30 pounds and became a personal trainer. Lynda joined HRCA in June of 2010 and has taught Zumba, boot camps and currently a cycle instructor.

Lynda also recently started competing in bodybuilding competitions. She just placed first in her age group at the Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding Fitness and Bikini Competition. The Lupus? Gone. Doctors call it remission but Lynda knows the disease is gone.

“You can’t have both light and darkness in the same place. So I got rid of all those doubts, and made room for faith,” she says.

Lynda’s Story

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