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Lynda Marie

Lynda Marie has been a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Fitness Nutrion Specialist for many years now. She truly loves what she does and keeps up with all the newest information and technology.

As you can see below, she has had great success with numerous individuals. She has helped people who just wanted to get in better shape and those that wanted to lose weight. She has also helped women that wanted to competeshape and fitness competitions. Just like herself, many of these women haved placed quite highly.

Don't hesitate. If you want to develop a fit body and a healthy diet, as well as a great outlook; Lynda can't definately help you.

Nguyen Davila

Nguyen Davila-Before-OnTrack Fitness
Nguyen Davila - Before
Nguyen Davila - After-OnTrack Fitness
Nguyen Davila - After

I was introduced to Lynda Marie and OnTrack Fitness in 2010. I was always an athlete in my youth. I played four years of HS volleyball, basketball in junior high school and worked out in college too. However, my life and body made some big changes when I hit 28 years of age and became pregnant with my twin boys!

After the boys were born, I knew it was time to get serious and I hired Lynda. Lynda pushed me hard, taught me proper technique, introduced me to lifting weights and convinced me that I would not become big and bulky from doing so. However from 2010 till 2015, I struggled with the “clean eating” part of my program as well as consistency in the gym.

Lynda continued to reinforce and encourage me to respect “seasons” in my life and work around them. After all, those were some challenging years! I had twin boys under the age of five! Free time was not something that presented itself often in my life! Lynda taught me “Don’t miss workouts when you can do it! Don’t say I’m not in the mood today, or I’m too tired, because there will be other days that the circumstances are out of your control, like a kid gets sick or the house is a mess and you really can’t workout!” She told me to respect this season in my life, my boys were only ages 1-5 once and my health and fitness program would not be top priority at this time. I stayed as consistent as life allowed me, making my boys #1 in my life, making small gains, building endurance and becoming stronger and stronger.

Now with my boys both in school, I have been able to bring not only my workout program up, training with Lynda twice a week, getting to the gym for cardio on the other days and I really got my clean eating up a notch!

All I can say is wow! I never felt so good and comfortable in my own skin as I do today at 36 years old! I have more energy than I ever have and mental clarity like no other time. Thank you Lynda for teaching me to be patient with myself and to see the bigger picture no matter how long it takes!

Nguyen Davila

So proud of Kristen Nix. This woman exemplifies the true meaning of doing what it takes to reach a goal. Single mom who works long hours and lives in Ft Collins which is not close to me. She made those early morning workouts with no excuses and rocked her meal plan and pushed hard and won third place in her novice class last night. 1st goal reached!!! — but this woman is so not done so stay tuned with this rock star in 2016!


Kristin Nix - OnTrack Fitness
Kristin Nix


Kristin Nix - OnTrack Fitness
Kristin Nix


Kristina - OnTrack Fitness

Transformation comes in many ways for different people. Infact I show here a photo of Kristina’s family that she continued to show everyone this weekend every chance she could. Mother of 6 kids, wife to a surgeon, need I say more? Being the center of attention is not a high priority in her life. But getting on that stage has been on her bucket list for quite some time. She figured it out and pushed hard for 6 months. But actually getting on that stage and all the attention that goes along with it was truly stepping out of her comfort zone. Congratulations Kristina! You are a truly beautiful soul inside and out! Your kids and husband must be so proud of you and so am I. Love you!


Kristina - OnTrack Fitness
Kristina & Lynda

Congratulations to this rockstar, my Capricorn rule follower! It paid off! First call outs for this 47 year old beauty in three categories and two of those categories had over 24 girls of all ages where she received 5th place! But her big win last night was 1st place in Masters 45-50! I am beyond proud of you lady! Hope we get to do this again sometime in Chicago!!! Love you!


Camille Kalmbach - OnTrack Fitness
Camille & Lynda


Camille Kalmbach - OnTrack Fitness
Camille Kalmbach

Julie Brahler

Julie - Before - OnTrack Fitness
Julie - Before
Julie - After - OnTrack Fitness
Julie - After

“I was always heavy, even as a child. To top that off I was never athletic, always afraid to try new things and I loved to eat chocolate, baked goods, ice cream and going out to dinner was standard fare.

A few years ago at a friends urging, I started attending a Boot Camp. It was a slow start and it helped me to gain some confidence that I could be a little active, but it became clear I needed more. That’s when I found Lynda. She knows how to push me, when to encourage me and when to call me on my denial. She talked to me about food, what to eat, when to eat it, I didn’t want to hear what she said, but she has been right! I hate that!

I started out with personal training mostly strength training and balance. I was stubborn on the cardio and did what she asked but insisted I couldn’t and wouldn’t run. In fact I told her on more than one occasion, “I don’t even run when I am chased, I just curl up in a ball and wait for the inevitable.” To her credit and where I was in my life, Lynda got me running. It wasn’t as painful or horrible as I had thought and it showed that all the work I had done up to that point had made a huge difference. Before starting with Lynda I couldn’t run a half mile and now I am running 3 mornings a week. I feel great afterward and know that on those cold, dark mornings when I don’t want to get out of bed I will be mad at myself if I don’t get up.

Over the last two years I have lost almost 20 lbs, I could have done it earlier but I really love food that isn’t good for me. I have more energy than I have ever had and most of my aches and pains are gone. I look better and feel better than I ever have. I am more confident and am not embarrassed around other moms when they are planning an activity. I can also keep up with my kids in a way I couldn’t before and for that I am eternally grateful. I am setting a good example for them and teaching them the benefits of eating right and staying active.

I now train with Lynda each week, attend HER Boot Camps and am running on my own. I feel good in my own skin!“

Julie Brahler

“I am so glad to have the opportunity to have Lynda as my personal trainer. I started in March of this year and did 30 sessions with her. She has lot of experience with personal training and diet. She was able to help me lose weight and gain lot of strength. I can do lot more and feel energetic. I used to hate running before I started with her. She showed me the right way to breath when running and encouraged me to push myself and now I love running outdoors. She had awesome advice on how to eat right and what to avoid. No two workouts were same for me. She has new workout techniques every time and nice variations. Lynda’s energy level is an inspiration and motivation for me.”

Vineeta Menon

Vinetta After - OnTrack Fitness
Vinetta After

Vineeta Menon

Vinetta Before - OnTrack Fitness
Vinetta Before


Joanne - Before - OnTrack Fitness
Joanne - Before
Joanne - After - OnTrack Fitness
Joanne - After

“I started Lynda’s boot camp last year because I was tired, not because I wanted to lose weight. I was doing yoga, but it wasn’t enough. At 43-years-old, I felt my body was going to go one way or the other. I absolutely hated my one-piece “momsuit” that would be wet and damp all day.

In one year, I lost 22 pounds, and now weighed as much as I weighed at 22-years-old! I have a lot to celebrate because there was no belly (certainly not yours!) that was worse than mine! You see, I gained over 60 lbs by the time I gave birth to 6 lb. twins. Then I had a C-section to get one of them out! My belly had double the baby inside, and I’m sporting a bikini, why can’t you? I’m not trying to look 22 again, those days are over, but wearing a bikini rocks!

If I’m going to work out, I want to make the most of that hour, have as much fun as doable, get it over as fast as I can and move on with my life. There’s no downtime in On-Track Boot Camps. Lynda always has a program ready to go and gives you a good workout. I’ve done many boot camps, and there is idle time in set-up and transition; they were also boring, because they were testosterone driven and very repetitive. On-Track’s programs are a lot of sexy fun, with awesome hip-hop music blaring and Lynda cutting into a Zumba dance every now and then while she’s waiting for us to finish a circuit which is very entertaining! She knows your abilities, so it is a positive environment for beginners.

Making good food choices is a huge part of the regimen. “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” is a great Kate Moss quote that keeps me vigilant. Where I used to feel weak, I feel strong. Powerful. In control. As a mom, I enjoy leading my girls by example. Don’t listen to your OB, who I’m sure slammed any hope for your wrinkly, flabby, fleshy stretch-marked belly! Listen to your own voice (and sometimes Lynda’s) and just get through that hour. Eventually, your voice will grow as strong as your body will and then you’ll be On-Track!”


“I am a cancer survivor, and my chemotherapy left me with lung pain and scar tissue in my chest that makes it hard to breathe. Due to radiation, I developed hypothyroidism. The time it took to “dial in” the correct amount of thyroid medication was exhausting – Too much medication gave me chest pain, and too little left me fatigued. I had been struggling with my weight, energy, and endurance since finishing cancer treatment. Sometimes simply walking would leave me winded and out of breath.

I decided it was time to make a change in my life. I really wanted that feeling of strength that comes from working out. I wanted to wake up every day and feel great. I wanted to get the processed food out of my diet, and I wanted to get back into my “skinny” clothes.

I started working out with Lynda 10 months ago. She helped me realize that due to my prior health issues, I might have to work harder than everyone else, but my goals were still reachable if I was willing to put in the effort. My efforts have definitely paid off! My body fat percentage is down, I have lost 25 pounds, and I feel and look better than ever. I’m able to exercise for extended amounts of time and I actually enjoy it! I never dreamed that I would gain the amount of endurance and strength that I now have!

I look forward to every appointment I have with Lynda. Even if I am tired or not really feeling like exercise, I feel amazing when I’m done. Lynda helps me not only with working out to make my body stronger, but she is a great coach when it comes to diet, and has helped me get the “garbage” food out of my menu. She has helped me to learn to use food as fuel, and it’s made a huge difference. For years, I had trouble sleeping, but with a clean diet and exercise, my quality of sleep has greatly improved.

I feel fantastic. Every day I feel strong. Being in control of my body makes me feel in control of everything else in my life.”

Alyson Van Noy

Alyson Van Noy

Ally - Before - OnTrack Fitness
Ally - Before
Ally - After - OnTrack Fitness
Ally - After

Chérie Lewis

Cherie Lewis - Before - OnTrack Fitness
Cherie Lewis - Before
Cherie Lewis - After - OnTrack Fitness
Cherie Lewis - After

“I’m a busy mom who had enough of my body. I finally made the decision to put myself, and my health, first. I began training with Lynda in September 2011. When I started my training, I had to purchase a dress for a wedding… it was a size 10. Sad face. My goal was to fit into a size 6 by the end of our sessions. Lynda made exercising fun, and I began to actually look forward to my sessions with her. I became addicted to exercising (wow, I can’t believe I just said that!) and watching my body transform. Lynda keeps everything different–I walk into her gym and still anticipate what new exercise she’ll have waiting for me. She also makes sure to keep her gym stocked with the latest equipment, too.

A BIG part of working with Lynda is remembering to rock your menu. If you don’t, you won’t reach your goals nearly as fast as you’d like to. It can be difficult at times (I’m a total foodie AND I own my own catering business, so if I can do it, YOU can do it!) but Lynda helps to keep you focused on your goals.

My husband and I are taking a trip to Mexico in March. One of my goals was to look decent in a full piece bathing suit while relaxing on the beach. We went to a wedding in the beginning of December (three months after I started training), so I had to buy a dress because my size 10 dress no longer fit. Not only did I look great in a strapless dress, but it was a size 4! Forget looking decent in a full piece bathing suit–my new goal is to look hot in a bikini!

Thank you, Lynda, for helping me to get on track, and stay on track. You will never understand how grateful I am that you helped me to accomplish my goals. Thank you for your encouragement… and thanks for being the wind beneath my toned, un-flabby wings!”

Chérie Lewis


“I started working with Lynda first as a personal trainer and then at her bootcamp classes. Lynda puts together a fun and challenging workout, and every class is different! She has helped me to push myself beyond what I thought was my maximum endurance and strength level, and I feel stronger than I have ever been in my life! She is always encouraging and positive, which makes a huge difference in motivation. When I started out, I was 162 pounds and a size 10, and I felt old and frumpy. Now I weigh 135 pounds and wear a size 4! I can see muscle tone now that I did not have in my 20’s! I am going to be 50 years old next year and I truly would not have believed that I could look and feel better than I did when I was younger. Many thanks to you Lynda!”

Julie Bauman


“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the progress I am seeing from your Bootcamps. About a year and a half ago, I was really getting back into running but started suffering from iliotibial band syndrome (runner’s knee). I began using P90X in an attempt to strengthen my legs and core, and hopefully return to running. After a year of this, I still would experience knee pain after 3 miles of running and sometimes during the P90X workouts. I am now approaching just my third month attending your bootcamps and my core, legs, and knee feel stronger than ever! I ran 6 miles last week with no pain, and I am planning a 10 mile run this weekend. As I continue to see results, I am hopeful that I will be able to compete in my first marathon in the spring of 2012. Thank you for the advice and great workouts!”

Kyle Clem

“I was first introduced to Isagenix by my personal trainer – Lynda from OnTrack Fitness. I had been training with her for a couple of months and was getting stronger, but I was at a weight loss plateau. With the start of a new year, I wanted to do something to kickstart my nutrition and fitness plan. When Lynda posted about her 30 Day Slim & Fit Challenge, it got my attention because I love a good challenge! I did A LOT of research on Isagenix and after reading about the science behind the products and seeing success story after success story, I decided to give it a try! Isagenix offers a 100% money back guarantee, so it was risk-free for me to try. I went into this with the intention of building a strong foundation for my nutrition and fitness journey, not as some magic diet.

Besides my weight loss plateau, I had also been experiencing a lack of energy, poor concentration and headaches. Within 3 days of starting the program, my energy level increased, and I was starting to feel really good. My first cleanse day, I lost 5 lbs! After seeing those results, I was motivated to keep following the program. After one week, my headaches were completely gone and I noticed I was able to concentrate better at work. I had an abundance of energy, felt stronger and more balanced, both physically and mentally. I felt the healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire life.

After completing the 30 day program, I had lost 10 lbs and I was shocked that I lost 16 inches. I feel amazing! I have been able to maintain my weight loss by continuing to use some of the Isagenix products. I am also eating healthy foods, personal training with Lynda and participating in her awesome bootcamps. Isagenix and Lynda have changed my life.”



Courtney - Before - OnTrack Fitness
Courtney - Before
Courtney - After - OnTrack Fitness
Courtney - After


Taryn - OnTrack Fitness

“As a Mom juggling full-time work, volunteer time, and family activities, I had struggled to find the time and motivation to stay in shape. Finding Lynda’s bootcamp is just what I needed for that extra boost. Her classes are challenging, fun and social too (even thought talking means you’re not working hard enough;-)! She caters every workout to allow individuals to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. I’m getting stronger every week and have more energy than I have in years. It feels great!”

Taryn Inman


I’ve felt so much more energized with Lynda’s bootcamp! She goes above and beyond the sweat and makes sure we know the right foods to eat and gives so much encouragement and ideas to get you through till we meet again! Its so nice to be part of a group of different people in my part of town that are so encouraging to keep me working hard and feeling good about myself! Loving this boot camp!!

Bria Burman


“Lynda pushes me so hard! This week, I went pushed through my plateau and I know I wouldn’t have done that on my own. I love being in your bootcamp. You are an awesome trainer!”

Rosa Tiquez Buffalo

“ I am new to doing a bootcamp and have absolutely loved Lynda’s bootcamp! She pushes you but at the same time inspires you with a full-body workout and new stuff every week. I have definitely seen my endurance and entire body strength increase along with toning. Check her bootcamp out, it is lots of fun!”

Donna Wiss


Donna Wiss - OnTrack Fitness
Donna Wiss


Heather - OnTrack Fitness

“Lynda is a fabulous trainer. I’ve just entered my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and Lynda is constantly giving me options/alternatives to what the group is doing so that I don’t get my heart rate up too high. This class is a challenge for those who have just begun working out but can be done and you’ll see how you get stronger and stronger with each class. On the flip side, this class is a challenge for those who’ve been working out for years. I like to consider myself an athlete, but couldn’t believe how challenged I was when I first began these conditioning classes. I plan to continue working out with Lynda throughout my pregnancy and can’t wait for her to kick my butt back in gear after the baby is born.”


“I’ve been coming to Lynda’s bootcamp since the end of August, 2011. This class is much needed for me. I do a lot of running races, mountain bike races and road cycling. So by attending her classes it has helped make my core stronger. It has also strengthened the muscles I don’t use much. I always come home sore and was wondering if this was helping.

About a month ago I was on a run and thought to myself, “when am I going to start feeling stronger from all of this training?” Well, last week I was forced to take two days off from bootcamp due to work, and had to miss the classes. This gave me an oppportunity to rest my body from all the training I do and immediately I began to see how strong I have become as a result of attending bootcamp. I’m stronger on my runs and cycling on hills – It’s working! I love Lynda’s class!”

Beth Gouge


Beth Gouge - OnTrack Fitness
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