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The advantages of personal training with OnTrack Fitness Vs. Gym Membership

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Personal Training
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Maybe you are just starting out on your journey to better nutrition and want to learn how to feed your body properly but aren’t sure where to start. With a proper nutrition plan, you can get everything into sync. Maybe you eat well most of the time, but just can’t seem to lose stubborn pounds?

It could be that you are eating the right foods, but in the wrong combinations. Or you could be eating the right combinations of food, but not timing your meals correctly. No matter how you slice it, your weight loss is determined by your metabolism. A revved up metabolism will easily yield more weight loss than a sluggish one. The good news is that you do have control over your fat burning capacity.

Many of us have been programmed to believe that losing weight through food choices requires deprivation and limiting calories. As a result our metabolisms don’t trust us! Yup! It’s true, our bodies will hold onto food and store it to fat when it doesn’t recognize another meal is on the way!

With a flexible, macro-nutrient based diet I will help you implement delicious foods that will allow you to effortlessly lose weight without deprivation, increase your energy levels, and most importantly allow you to feel confident and in control of your own body and health.

My Nutrition Plan Programs include:

  • Detailed daily meal plan updated every two to four weeks as needed
  • Exchange list suggestions to give you more options to add variety
  • Supplementation counseling and suggestions
  • Guidance for preparation of meals and packaging
  • New foods and ways to spice things up while still sticking to plan
  • Unlimited email coaching and support to assist you in you journey

In addition to designing a proper meal and nutrition plans, OnTrack Fitness also offers customized workout plans based on your unique body, your fitness level and goals. Workouts will be customized to your available equipment, your time schedule, and your experience. Lynda Marie is a Certified Personal Trainer

Talk to me today about my online meal plan program, my online fitness program or a combination of both.

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