It might seem a little premature to be talking about summer bodies in late December, what with the cold and dark mornings and the baggy sweat pant season in full swing it is less than appealing. But with many making fitness-focused resolutions while ringing in yet another new year, it is the best time of all, as what you do, or do not do, over the next 5-6 months, will determine how you look and feel come Memorial Day. Yes, summer bodies are built in the winter!!!!!!

As an accredited fitness and nutrition professional for over 8 years, I see the same thing every year, yes, I do have an increase in clients come to me (post Christmas) and are ready to roll up their sleeves and get started but sadly a much larger group of people wait until March, April and even May wanting a “quick fix” before that first summer vacation. With all of the multi-level marketing programs pedaling nutrition and workout programs with people who have no credentials or certifications, pushing a 2 week cleanse or 40 day workout challenge, so many are lead to believe they can wait a few more months and do a quick fix! Folks, there is a 0% success rate to that approach and a lot of pyramid participants get nice fat paychecks at your expense!

For those of you who are new or coming back to exercise, you will do far better if you take a longer-term view and start your summer body in January. Here are the reasons why…….

Both nutrition and exercise will feel like less of a chore, and you can avoid the feelings of deprivation and claustrophobia that go hand in hand with short-term approaches. And because you have given yourself six months, rather than six weeks, you do not need to be extreme in anything you do, which means that you are more likely to start to view exercising and making better food choices as a positive, rather than something that feels oppressive.

OnTrack Fitness programs that start in January require a commitment of 4 1-hour workouts per week. Yes! four hours a week! That gives you more than 100 workouts under your belt which is a lot of training time. This means that we can take the time to develop technique, iron out any imbalances, and gradually build up your work capacity, rather than wade in come what may. And because we have been sensible and progressive, we are also much less likely to develop aches and pains or get injured. During this extended time we can also make some massive changes to our nutrition, without having to do anything that feels too limiting and makes the whole process seem miserable.

OnTrack Fitness nutrition program is not extreme, no calorie counting and realistic! The rule of thumb is that the more extreme the exercise and nutritional approach, the greater the likelihood that you will gravitate back to where you started and throw in the towel! Most of us go through fits and starts with nutrition and exercise, and we adopt an all-or-nothing approach. The problem is that this does not work. In order to keep things on an even keel, and avoid these fitness and nutrition extremes, we need to find a way of exercising and eating that we can sustain, and something that will keep us in shape all year round.

With OnTrack Fitness’s custom meal planning program, designed specifically for you coupled with one of our workout programs, whether you choose 1-1 personal training package, join one of my small groups or opt for a custom workout that I develop especially for you, you will reach those summer body goals in no time!

Contact me today for a free 1-hour fitness assessment and consultation. If you are local, we do this in person and if you are to local, this is done through Skype or telephone. Space is filling up for January so act now! 


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